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Five Minute Blog Challenge - Are You in Alignment?

Man checking his watch
I have five minutes to write a blog!

I’m setting myself a challenge this morning. I have five minutes before my daughter gets up and I wanted to see if I could write something meaningful in that time…

That just wasted precious seconds!

OK - I woke up super early this morning. I’ve got a ton of stuff on my plate at the moment and, to be perfectly honest, it’s getting on top of me.

2023 has been a very unsettled year, I think we can all agree. The thing is that, inn my case, it’s also been riddled with lots of incredible opportunities…that just aren’t quite happening.

Stressed young executive at work
It's been a tough year for business all round

So what I figure this (very brief five-minute blog) should be about is to serve as a reminder that alignment is all important.

All of this pent up potential is great, but without it being aligned with us (or us with it) it will remain purely as that: potential.

This is something that I’ve learned from my incredible pal and client Dan Mangena: if we want to manifest something (i.e. tangibly experience it in our physical reality) we have to do the work of aligning ourselves with that outcome.

portrait of Dan Mangena
Daniel Mangena

That may sound esoteric, but here’s a practical application.

I’ve got a series being pitched tomorrow with a major TV broadcaster. It could be life changing. I want to experience that outcome. I want it to all work out and take me, my career and my amazing family to the next level and beyond.

Whether the decision is made to go ahead or not is out of my control, but what is within my control is preparing myself to be that person. Mentally and physically, I can take steps to align myself with that outcome so that when it happens: I can step into it with ease. Instead of facing resistance.

OK…I can hear her calling. Gotta go!

My love to you all!

Be well.

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