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Transforming TED Talks: Harnessing the Potential of Virtual Environments and Green Screen Technology

Updated: May 21

This article is going to delve into the benefits of using green screen techniques to shoot your TED talk, and how, using a fully digital, virtual environment; you can speak your message to the world.

Have you ever considered giving a TED or TEDx talk?

It’s a global brand with huge online reach and is often considered a huge badge of authority, for those who stand on that hallowed red spot. But while it is undoubtably impressive to stand before a crowded theatre; the vast majority of the audience is going to be online.

We’ve all watched a TED talk on youtube. Some may have even attended one in person. It’s a brand that industry and thought leaders alike seek out, in order to build their authority and spread their message.

Now I should declare our vested interest up front: we’ve just built a branded, photorealistic, virtual TEDx stage for some of our clients. The results have been very impressive. It was built by Hollywood SFX legend Rob Meyers, who we’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of times now.

The man built Wakanda! Nuff said.

CGI Wakanda built by SFX artist Rob Meyers

So with that out of the way, let’s look at the benefits using a virtual stage and why you’d want to do so over doing so live, in person.

The benefits of virtual presentations really come down to flexibility, efficiency and the ability to perfect your message.

Virtual presentations offer flexibility...

because you don’t have to nail it in one! When you are shooting your talk on a green screen, in a studio, you can not only cut, reset and go again; but any mistakes can be removed in the edit.

Shooting your TED talk for a virtual presentation also offers you flexibility in terms of time and travel. You don’t have to wait for a slot to become available at a live event, or jump through the various hoops in the vetting process.

A film crew lighting a green screen

Virtual presentations offer efficiency and the ability to perfect your talk because you don’t have to travel to wherever the event is being held, saving you time and money on travel and accommodation.

You also don’t have to spend time committing your talk to memory and rehearsing it, because you’re going to stand before a live audience. A teleprompter (or autocue) will enable you to look directly into the camera and read it as though you’d memorised the whole thing.

Another efficiency that green screen technology and a virtual stage will offer you is that you can change anything in the environment you want.

  • The lighting

  • The stage

  • The colours

  • The logos

It’s all customisable.

You’ll be able to draw a lot of content from the one talk, to repurpose for your social media channels as well.

If your aim is to grow your business, authority and brand awareness as widely as possible, while doing so in a sustainable way: shooting a TED or TEDx talk using green screen technology and a virtual stage is the best way to do it.

Of course; having a live audience is impressive and offers you something that a virtual environment simply can’t. We’d never claim otherwise. But that’s not the only way to achieve your goals, and actually going with a virtual stage offers you increased flexibility to make your message go further.

If you’re looking at your options when it comes to giving a TED talk, or any other kind of presentation, and would like to explore your options, we’d love to have a chat.

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